Kidz Klub! DVD

Kidz Klub! DVD

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Now that society is collapsing, Everything Is Terrible! is reborn with their new and fantastical expedition into found footage... but this time the adults can stay home! EIT! has unearthed thousands of forgotten DVD & VHS tapes aimed at yesterday’s youth to bring you their most mind-melting movie to date. Watch in awe as all colors of the rainbow join forces to destroy the tyranny of adult civilization once and for all! All of your oldest friends will be there; skateboarding web-surfers, rapping math equations, gigantic baby ducks, and maybe even a wizard or two! Finally, an all-encompassing extravaganza created for kidz... by kidz! 

Limited run of 1,000.

Features over 2 hours of bonus CONTENT.

Cover art by Essy May.